Aluminium cladding is a versatile building material commonly used to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the exteriors of residential and commercial structures.

Aluminum cladding is primarily composed of aluminum, a lightweight yet durable metal known for its corrosion resistance, making it an ideal choice for exterior applications.

Aluminum cladding is versatile and can be customized to meet specific design requirements. It can be used for various architectural styles and applications, including residential and commercial buildings. Aluminum cladding is engineered for straightforward installation, which can save construction time and labor costs.

It can be attached to the building’s exterior using a variety of methods, such as mechanical fasteners or adhesives.

Aluminium Products

Types of Aluminium Cladding:

Aluminium Cascade

Discover the Future of Building Protection with Aluminium Cascade

Elevate your architectural vision with Aluminium Cascade, a cutting-edge building material meticulously crafted for the preservation and enhancement of your building’s exterior. Born from high-quality aluminium, our solution presents itself in the form of sliding and flexible panels, ingeniously designed to be foldable, ensuring an efficient utilization of space.

"Aluminium Cascade, an inventive building material, is committed to preserving and enhancing a building's exterior lifespan. Fashioned from aluminium, it features sliding and flexible panels, cleverly foldable for space efficiency"
"Introducing Coin Matrix, a unique masterpiece in the Aluminium Cascade lineup, intricately designed to enrich your artistic vision. Elevate your projects with its opulent blend of aesthetics and functionality."


Unveiling Coin Matrix, an exclusive gem within the Aluminium Cascade collection, meticulously crafted to breathe life into your artistic aspirations. This imaginative masterpiece features a perforated aluminium canvas adorned with an interplay of apertures and occlusions, fashioning elaborate patterns and images. Elevate your projects with Coin Matrix—an opulent fusion of aesthetics and functionality.


Explore the sophistication of Parametric—an exquisite aluminum creation featuring graceful leaf-like shapes in a cascade pattern. Elevate your space with this captivating design, seamlessly blending aesthetics and function.

"Experience the elegance of Parametric - an aluminium masterpiece showcasing graceful leaf-like shapes in a cascading pattern. Enhance your space with this enchanting design that effortlessly merges aesthetics and function."
"Sturdy, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Our curtain wall boasts 25-year color retention, full recyclability, and skilled craftsmanship for flexible designs. Economical, it maximizes natural light penetration."


Rigid, lightweight, and sustainable. Our curtain wall features 25-year colorfastness, 100% recyclability, and versatile craftsmanship for dynamic shapes. Cost-effective, it allows deep natural light penetration.

CNC Jali

Enhance your exterior aesthetic with CNC Jali—an advanced solution providing protection from sunlight, rust, and heat. Crafted from easily maintainable and recyclable aluminum, it seamlessly blends functionality with style.

"Elevate your outdoor appeal with CNC Jail - an innovative solution guarding against sunlight, rust, and heat. Made from easily maintainable, recyclable aluminium, it effortlessly harmonizes practicality with elegance."

Installation and Maintenance:

Proper installation and maintenance are crucial to ensure the longevity and performance of aluminium cladding.

Installation should be done by professionals to ensure a secure and weather-tight fit. Routine maintenance involves cleaning the surface periodically and inspecting for any signs of damage, such as dents, loose panels, or corrosion.

Any required repairs or replacements should be carried out promptly to prevent water infiltration or other issues.

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